Currency Forex Market Trading – Two Methods You Need To Know

If you are just getting started in it is important to become familiar with the two basis methods most traders use so that you can use them as part of your trading strategy.

Most traders refer to these methods as technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

Technical Analysis For Currency Forex Market Trading

Most traders who are not closely involved in national economic news prefer to use our this method, technical analysis, which is based around using charts and indicators to identify changing and continuing trends in the market. Most traders have systems relying on identifying charts and patterns which assume that in general, patterns will repeat and trends are predictable.

There are several different types of charts but they mostly display the same data (i.e. currency values) in different formats. Most people find candlestick charts easiest to read because they are very visual. They display the opening, closing, high and low prices of a currency pair over a certain period.

You can adjust the period that a chart covers and it is a good idea to do this when you think you have spotted a trend or pattern that fits your system. For example if you generally look at hourly charts, check your data by focusing down to 15 minute and even 5 minute periods to be sure that the signs are right there, before you open your trade. If you usually use daily charts, check the 4 hour and hourly charts too.

However, even the clearest pattern can be upset if major news is suddenly released indicating a move in the opposite direction. So even the biggest fans of technical analysis will at least keep one eye on news alerts. Most people check a daily calendar to see when reports and data are due to be released in the countries whose currencies they trade.

Fundamental Analysis For Currency Forex Market Trading

Fundamental analysis is based on the assumption that the underlying forces that drive changes in currency values are related to the economic strength and financial performance of the two nations whose currencies you are trading as a pair. In other words, a currency will rise in value relative to another currency when the first country’s economy shows signs of strengthening or the second country’s economy shows signs of weakening.

Trading based around this type of analysis relies on market news and interpreting the many signs of economic strength or weakness. However, not many traders would rely entirely on fundamental analysis these days.

It is difficult to get to grips with all of the different factors involved, and the news is often unpredictable. It is possible for traders to make money by focusing mainly on this method if they have a keen interest and involvement in international economic and financial developments. But they will still use our technical analysis method some of the time.

So, try to get a grasp of both types of analysis before deciding which one is best for you. Then concentrate on your chosen method but without completely ignoring other factors. This will give you the best chance of success in currency forex market trading.

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